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Since 1985, Jonathan Neff has provided legal representation to a range of businesses, from multinational corporations to new start-up companies. His practice focuses on business relationships and contracts, from concept and structuring to negotiation, documentation and dispute resolution.


For 12 years, Neff served as Oklahoma legal counsel for AT&T Corp., handling contracts, real estate transactions, right-of-way acquisition, dispute resolution, litigation, and the development of a unique joint venture between AT&T and Dobson Telephone Company.

Upon the divestiture of AT&T, he became Oklahoma counsel for Lucent Technologies as well, handling that company’s Oklahoma legal matters. During the 1980s, Neff represented Oklahoma Natural Gas Company in both right-of-way matters and natural gas contract litigation.

This experience was invaluable in developing an in depth understanding of complex contracts and contract litigation.

In contrast to representing large public companies, Neff has also organized and represented many small companies and start-ups.

He has formed scores of small business corporations and limited liability companies, interfacing with business owners, entrepreneurs and investors to help them structure and customize new business organizations to meet their needs. This work requires an understanding of both business structures and people.

It also has included SEC and blue sky compliance in connection with the private placement of securities.


With a background in construction management, Neff has a natural affinity for the construction business and represents several regional general contractors and subcontractors engaged in commercial and industrial construction. Such representation includes contract review, drafting and negotiation, dispute resolution and other legal matters.

His cases range from collection and bonding matters to design defect and negligence claims. Neff served as construction law specialist on a legal team negotiating a $250 million construction contract for an industrial plant owned by a consortium including Wal-Mart.

While serving as legal counsel on large construction claims, he also represents small contractors and property owners in a wide range of construction matters. In addition, he has personally managed a successful residential real estate development and negotiated and documented many commercial real estate transactions and leases.


Neff has frequently represented buyers or sellers in business acquisitions, including corporate stock sales and asset purchases, including spin-offs of corporate subsidiaries in both domestic and international contexts. As U.S. counsel for a British public company, he handled the acquisition of a New York corporation as a foreign subsidiary.

Representing both franchisors and franchisees, Neff has had many years of experience in franchising.

Most noteworthy, he launched the initial franchising system for Camille’s Sidewalk Café (now Camille’s Franchise System), taking the company from a franchising start-up to owning sixteen franchises, after which the company engaged a major national franchise marketing and legal organization. In addition, he has represented a regional master franchisee from start-up through the development of a franchise system of more than ninety franchises in seven states.


Neff has served on Boards of Directors of four corporations, including several years of service as Chairman of the Board.

Directorships have included a hydrogen technology development company, a natural gas compression equipment manufacturing company, a restaurant chain and a company that manufactures and distributes products in the wellness industry.

He has also served as counsel to the Boards of Directors of other corporations.

Corporate Board of Directors
The common thread running through many years of Neff’s legal representation is business relationships and contracts. From development and documentation of new business structures to litigation over complex contracts, the central theme is business organization and contract law. Neff is committed to using his skills as a negotiator and writer to eliminate ambiguity, thereby reducing the risk of disputes, and when disputes do arise, to resolve them quickly and economically.
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